How To Start Your Own Bookkeeping Business - About The Book

How to set up, create and start your own bookkeeping business from scratch. And be successful. This masterpiece is written by UK author Lisa Newton who started her own bookkeeping business for £150 GBP in 2004. She used £100 GBP from her overdraft and got £50 GBP 'investment' from her mum. And she made it work. 

 It is an action-packed, tip-filled, no-nonsense approach to how to start, what to do, things to look out for, pitfalls to avoid and its guidance will help you to avoid the expensive, painful time-consuming mistakes which most freelance independent bookkeepers make. There are plenty of horror stories to keep you on your toes and plenty of useful content to help you to make that transition from full time employee to full time business owner.  Amongst other things this book covers: - getting started - products, price, place, promotion - dealing with clients, suppliers, subcontractors - practical exercises for you to try - key templates to help you get started - and a whole lot more. This isn't theoretical or written by some lecturer. This is written by someone who has been there, done it and franchised the bookkeeping business.





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